Muhammad Ali, Convincing

Short Notes: I’m Not Burning My A-Rod Jersey

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A few notes: If every customer of McDonald’s paid 22 cents more for their Big Mac, their workers could make a much better wage overall? What are they waiting for?! [The Daily Beast] Dave Zirin writes a  great piece on why the MLBPA (the baseball players’ union) should back A-Rod, …

Sit Down

In Other News, Sit Down Already!

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The A train usually puts me right to sleep. Literally. I turn on my iPod, let some U2 or The Killers crank in my ear, shut my eyes, and I’m magically transported 15 or so stops. That’s not news since I’m usually comfortable with sleeping on the train. Crowded or not, …


Who Do You Love? Are You Sure?

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Yes, I too am angry as hell about Prop 8. And I read some disgusting things online. For instance, the rationale for why some people disagree with gay sex is the following: OK, so if we let gay people have sex, will we next let people have sex with animals? …

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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“That’s so gay.”“What a fuckin’ homo!” “No, no, that’s it. You’re gay and that’s it.” “Que maldito maricon del diablo (What a damn faggot from hell)!” Snapshots of the realities of working in sexually conservative neighborhoods, where the parents of these 1st generation US citizens learn their sexual intolerance from …