Same As It Ever Was

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The Grammys always reminds me of the quasi-utopia the music industry portrays. With the gusto and aplomb the musicians and artists convey, one might think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this billion dollar industry. Numbers get flung around with showcases of the elected and selected best. Grandiose speeches accompany goldenrod statuettes as gifts for the figureheads for the production of …

Jose VilsonSame As It Ever Was

The Manhood Series: About Eminem And My Own Slight Conflicts

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“So, what you’re saying is that you don’t think it’s right that Benzino and the Source are calling Eminem Elvis?” “No, it’s like they’re using the pro-Black agenda superficially to garner the respect of the hip-hop community, and it’s gonna backfire because everyone knows it’s not true. It’s just personal BS from the Source ownership.” Since the battle between Ja …

Jose VilsonThe Manhood Series: About Eminem And My Own Slight Conflicts

An Excerpt From A Book I Should Be Writing: End of the School Year 2010

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Usually, my iPod tells me everything I need to know. When I first started teaching, my iPod would serenade me with Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” while I napped from Dyckman St. to West 4th St., a 30-minute train ride on the A. If I spent the whole night stewing over some ridiculous comments by an administrator, my iPod would play …

Jose VilsonAn Excerpt From A Book I Should Be Writing: End of the School Year 2010
Orange NYC Sky, June 26th, 2009

Short Notes: Fire and Rain

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A few notes: This weather’s been so absurd lately, hasn’t it? I’ve bought more umbrellas in the past month than I’ve had to my entire life. It’s a rather heated meeting between fire and rain … Speaking of which, I know everyone wants to know what I’ve been listening to non-stop for the last couple of months. Without further adieu: …

Jose VilsonShort Notes: Fire and Rain
Jay-Z Vibe Cover

Who’s Gonna Cover Your Vibes, XXLs, and Sources?

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Recently, Vibe Magazine closed its doors, at least in print form. For those who never ventured into black publication, Vibe Magazine was a Black-based magazine started by Quincy Jones last decade. The ostensible vision of the pub was to highlight Black culture, but with a bit of a White lens. It mainly featured R&B and hip-hop acts while also dipping …

Jose VilsonWho’s Gonna Cover Your Vibes, XXLs, and Sources?
Michael Jackson RIP by RJ Matson

Oops, He’s Sorry, He Lied: He’s Number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

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Someone asked me recently if I talked to my kids about Michael Jackson and the impact he had on me and people of my generation. I told the person, “No, we had things to do. I hadn’t seen them very much over the last week, so I just wanted that time to let them know we’re cool.” While hanging out …

Jose VilsonOops, He’s Sorry, He Lied: He’s Number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Letter: Man In The Mirror

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Dear Michael Jackson, First, let me say that I’m deeply saddened by your death. Your passing ranks up there in the moments where people had to remember where they were standing when they heard the news. On a day when a fellow 70’s-80’s icon in Farrah Fawcett died and so did Ed McMahon, the news of you dying seems to …

Jose VilsonLetter: Man In The Mirror
The Soloist

Play The Soloist

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When your voice finds you, it doesn’t matter how you express it: your signature’s all over it. I write this because, after seeing The Soloist, a movie about a Los Angeles-based writer who finds a homeless cellist / prodigy and a must-watch for any writer I know, I’ve given tons of thought about where to take the writing “thing.” Not …

Jose VilsonPlay The Soloist
Biggie, the King

Now on Got Biggie?


Dead and Alive: Why Biggie Deserves to Still Be In Your Top Five I proffer 5 reasons why Biggie should be in everyone’s top 5 greatest MCs, dead or alive. Holla back.

Jose VilsonNow on Got Biggie?
Biggie and 2Pac

Even Pac and Big Wished for Better Dayz …

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I wrote this sometime in October 2008, but for whatever reason, people who I sent this to never actually published it. Some of the stuff I wrote in the original blog I’ve edited to fit my more informed views now, but the message remains the same. Please read and discuss below. Also, for more Biggie goodness today, read here for …

Jose VilsonEven Pac and Big Wished for Better Dayz …