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The Examiner Examines … Me (On Writing about Education) [Why We Write]

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Recently, Wendy Coakley-Thompson interviewed me for the Washington, DC Publishing Industry Examiner about education, writing, and how my passions intersect: 2. In what ways do both poetry and education writings satisfy your need for creative self-expression? Poetry satisfies my more creative urges, where I get to play with the more ethereal, the emotional, the wedges where I don’t have to be professional, or, more succinctly, where I can be the …


Book Giveaway: Break The Habit by Tara Betts

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Hello and welcome to this installment of The Jose Vilson Book Giveaway, where I’ll do my best to offer the latest and greatest books I can scrounge up … and all for free. < whooping and hollering here > This week, I’m offering a very special, exclusive book for any and all contestants who wish to participate. Before I continue, though … The rules are as follows: 1. Leave a …

Gil Scott-Heron

Before Writing A Protest Poem [Peace to Gil]

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Beautiful Sunday. Driving with my family back to NYC after my brother graduated a couple of weeks back. Before I knew Gil was on his last legs. [taps pencil on Moleskine repeatedly] “What to write, what to write …” [taps knee with pencil, taps front car seat with pencil, bites eraser, gets tired of tapping] “Ahhh! What the hell!” [scratches head] “Monuments shake and graves roll …” [nods to a …

Love In Eights [Draft]

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To understand how I got to this point is To ask a man to uproot weeds clinging to the webs of his own feet To see through the fog tints in a boy who Saw original sin as a function of a father’s lies A chemical reaction to the scents from my first crush’s beautiful strands A few blinks and a smile misinterpreted as a forever keepsake A first kiss …

Double Reading Rainbow

Creativity Is Almost Dead … and Non-Educators Want To Kill It

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After posting a few crosswalk documents between the New York State math standards and The Common Core Standards on this site and at my place of employ, I’ve been very involved in understanding how these mandated national standards will transform our way of teaching students, and how we need to get parents and students involved in the education ecology. By all accounts, the new standards are pretty good; light on …

Rock Wilk

Rock Wilk: It’s Like His Heart Broke Wide Open

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Let me start off by saying that, with many in the poetry community, I’ve gotten a reputation for my honesty and borderline snobbery when it comes to writing. I don’t intend it that way; I just have a certain quality of writing I ask for. Whether it’s morose or uproarious, I ask for few things, but they’re all important and centered around this idea of “care.” I got a fair …

Pedro Pietri

Four Letters Down (I Come From)

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“Four Letters Down” (I Come From) by Jose Vilson (draft) But where I come from isn’t yours I come from disjointed alphabets, incongruent pronunciations of antique names, Burgundy stoned buildings arranged vertically, inorganically With pathways tight enough to hear the shrill screams of murder and mayhem But wide enough to feel like it’s not everyone’s issue I come from white lines plastered on fragile concrete and fluorescent murals On the …

Hija De Mi Madre by Carmen Mojica

Book Giveaway June 2010: Hija De Mi Madre by Carmen Mojica Fabian

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Welcome back to my monthly book giveaway! < insert applause here > One of two books I’m giving away is Carmen Mojica Fabian’s Hija De Mi Madre, a poetry chapbook I’ll soon have on my bookshelf and I suggest others get that as well. I can tell you more about the book, but I’ll let her tell it in a few minutes. Now, the details: To win the book, you …

Poet At His Desk

On Why I Just Cannot Fathom Doing 30 Poems In 30 Days (NaPoWriMo)

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Hanging around poets, I often get random memes thrown in my direction. Sometimes, they’re simple writing prompts gathered from current events or some erudite writer, or “homework” from a workshop or a show I attended. I don’t always pay attention to them, but that’s often left to us to figure out. Then, around every April, I get a flood of e-mails and Facebook messages about this National Poetry Writing Month …

For Reasons Beyond Me

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“For Reasons Beyond Me” by me (first, and a very rough, draft) You’re not in my dreams anymore, Self-felicitating figment of  my imagination, Meet me at my torso Talk to me real slow Partition the convo like so Tell me all your perfect flaws Before we take a little pause Work on in this little buzz Drink up quick because The cosmopolitan in you had to leave so quick You’re …