These Feet Will Drag (A Poem)

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

I haven’t written a poem in a few months. Don’t judge me. These are the words I choose to recite while getting back to work tomorrow. I’ll drag my feet to the classroom, but, once present, these words will flow these ideas will go these desks will hold these minds …

Gil Scott-Heron

Before Writing A Protest Poem [Peace to Gil]

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

Beautiful Sunday. Driving with my family back to NYC after my brother graduated a couple of weeks back. Before I knew Gil was on his last legs. [taps pencil on Moleskine repeatedly] “What to write, what to write …” [taps knee with pencil, taps front car seat with pencil, bites …

Love In Eights [Draft]

Jose Vilson Jose 1 Comment

To understand how I got to this point is To ask a man to uproot weeds clinging to the webs of his own feet To see through the fog tints in a boy who Saw original sin as a function of a father’s lies A chemical reaction to the scents …

Rock Wilk

Rock Wilk: It’s Like His Heart Broke Wide Open

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Let me start off by saying that, with many in the poetry community, I’ve gotten a reputation for my honesty and borderline snobbery when it comes to writing. I don’t intend it that way; I just have a certain quality of writing I ask for. Whether it’s morose or uproarious, …

Pedro Pietri

Four Letters Down (I Come From)

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

“Four Letters Down” (I Come From) by Jose Vilson (draft) But where I come from isn’t yours I come from disjointed alphabets, incongruent pronunciations of antique names, Burgundy stoned buildings arranged vertically, inorganically With pathways tight enough to hear the shrill screams of murder and mayhem But wide enough to …

For Reasons Beyond Me

Jose Vilson Jose 1 Comment

“For Reasons Beyond Me” by me (first, and a very rough, draft) You’re not in my dreams anymore, Self-felicitating figment of  my imagination, Meet me at my torso Talk to me real slow Partition the convo like so Tell me all your perfect flaws Before we take a little pause …