President Obama Checking My E-mails

Dear Barack Obama: A Letter from an Urban Math Teacher to His President

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Dear President Obama, First, I’d like to thank you for your speech on education last weekend in Arlington, VA to high schoolers. I actually found it rather informative and refreshing to hear a current President talk about topics such as responsibility and effort in school. Your life stories as they pertain to school give a good back drop for people …

Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy

Short Notes: The Imperfect Death

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A few notes: Following TeachPaperless’ blog has been a godsend of sorts. This is probably the best argument I’ve seen against using rubrics for student work. JD highlights a documentary about NYC teachers and unions, and how they relate to McCarthyism. Here are some talks from TED (Teaching, Entertainment, Design) that might inspire some of us to think deeper about …

Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor and President Obama

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Pa’lante Pa’lante

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A few minutes ago, Al Franken, who himself went through a few months of struggle attaining his position as senator of Minnesota, confirmed Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice, 68-31. We all know the biography: products of hard-working Puerto-Rican parents, Bronx-native, came through Catholic education and through the Ivy Leagues, rose up the ranks of the US justice system, …

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The True Power of Literacy (or Another Reason I’m Not Feeling Charter Schools)

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How many times have you heard the following sentence? “That’s not what I said. Listen / read clearly.” This statement usually comes about when, either out of sheer emotional attachment to the subject or their own obstinance, they ignore what someone’s saying and it becomes a discussion about something that’s closer to their hearts rather than to their very eyes. …

Eric Holder

How’s That Postracial Thing Working Out For You?

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O, humans. After Barack Obama was elected, some of you seriously thought that the color barrier had officially collapsed. Some of you were grinning extra hard since you thought all the problems of the world were laid off your shoulders, as if we were only one John Hancock away from true world peace. Evidently, someone didn’t send the memo to …

Barack Obama as Jackie Robinson

Success Is A Process, Not An Event

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The following is an excerpt from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewing Former Gen. Colin Powell, who commemorated the inauguration of Barack Obama, our 44th President. BLITZER: Did you ever think, Gen. Powell, that you would be alive to witness this day? POWELL: I didn’t know if I would or I would not. I knew the day would come eventually. I watched …

Uncle Same "You Fail"

It’s Pretty Much Your Fault

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The Buffalo Beast dropped their 50 Most Loathsome People of 2008, and listed everyone from Barack Obama (#50) to … well you can figure it out (I’ll give you a hint: rhymes with nail-in), and everyone in between. As always, they take particular interest in everyone around them and the social trends that makes us all a critical part of …