Our Children: Arrested Developments

Jose Vilson Jose 7 Comments

Yesterday, Think Progress reported that administration in Meridian, MS sent children (predominantly special needs and / or Black) to prison for infractions as small as dress code violations. Read: After months of investigation into claims of such a pipeline, the Justice Department released Friday a definitive letter revealing that the …



Jose Vilson Jose 6 Comments

Dear disciplinarians and other enforcers within our school communities, Please note: you’re trying to keep kids in school, not keep them out of it. Let me first admit my own biases in this topic, of which I have a couple. As a teacher, I readily admit that I can reasonably …

Baby Dolls Locked Up

A Clear Message to America’s Disadvantaged Children

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

This morning, The New York Times reported that 25 Chicago children were arrested (ARRESTED) for a middle school food fight. At first, I wanted to scream at my Mac. I couldn’t believe that we have another story worth reporting that just gets brushed under the rug, for some fortunate activist …

Plaxico Burress with Son, Elijah

Plaxico Burress and The Inverse of Prisons

Jose Vilson Jose 3 Comments

Today, Plaxico Burress, former wide receiver of the New York Giants, was sentenced to 2 years in jail (with good behavior, it’ll be brought down to 20 months or less). My stance on the matter hasn’t changed much since the last time I’ve ruminated on the topic. I agree that …