On Being Difficult

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A few weeks ago, my good friend John Holland and I were discussing some really good conversation ranging from music to education. Every time we have a conversation, whether it’s by ourselves or in a group context, the back-and-forth reminds me of a never-ending ladder. One time, as we got into this type of discussion, I remember being thoroughly exhausted from work and him being on the opposite side of …

Michael Jordan’s Principle: Address The Haters

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Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech (and his career, for that matter) read like a diatribe against wrong decision-making … and our fundamental ideas about sportsmanship. For those that have lived under the sea for the last 30 years, Michael Jordan’s arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, surpassing records and racking up a highlight reel the size of any big-budget movie. Words used to describe MJ during his …


If You’re Nervous, That’s a Good Thing

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Anyone whose too confident in their first day of school is an absolute liar and has hypnotized themselves into thinking they’re too cool for school. Even those of us who spent all of the summer planning whole units for the year and / or already have all their lesson plans from years past memorized and honed should always have a sense of nervousness and even anxiety about their craft. I’m …

Girl Scream

The Mouth and The Giggler

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I have these two students, who I’m calling the Mouth and the Giggler. Both of them have garnered notorious reputations as girls who are far too loud for their own good. They went to the same school last year, but not our school, unfortunately. For if they did, they may have learned a few things, like manners and courtesy, small things really. At least in comparison to setting your “rep”, …

One Time 4 Your Mind

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I just read a third installment of the 40th Anniversary edition of Rolling Stone (yes, I’m a subscriber), and read an awesome quote from Al Gore (who I honestly believed in since 1999). In response to the question of how to engineer sweeping social and political and industrial change in a short period of time (i.e. before the ice caps melt): Einstein once said, “The problems that face us cannot …