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Born To Do This Shit [On Personal Legends and Teaching]

April 25, 2013 Jose
The Alchemist

“You have 135 minutes left on this test. Are there any questions?” After a quick pause, I said, “You may begin.” As the students got to work on this section of the test, I began to reflect on my life as a teacher, and came to realize that, yes, I was born to be in […]

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April 23, 2013 Jose

This morning, after a few sips of my coffee and getting ready for class, a cold sweat developed in the palms of my hand. I rubbed my hands a few times before I put the marker to the whiteboard, hoping the few examples of problems I do today serve less as a lesson and more […]

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Freestyle Week: How Politeness Kills Even The Pretense of Justice

April 16, 2013 Jose
Former NE Patriot Joe Andruzzi Helps Another Runner At The Boston Marathon

This week, I’m writing blog posts based on people’s submissions to my Facebook page right here. My first one is based on online friend Michael Doyle’s suggested title, “How politeness kills even the pretense of justice.” Let’s go … The Boston Marathon shouldn’t have ended that way. A moment of celebration turned into a maelstrom […]

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Another Countdown To The Statewide Math Test [OMGWTFGAAAHHH]

April 2, 2013 Mr. Vilson

Tomorrow, thousands of New York City teachers return to work from a well-deserved extended break. For me, it just felt good putting my feet up, reading novels, sipping iced coffee, and spending time with my family without having to tell them, “Alright, time’s up, I got things to do now, move along now, thank you.” […]

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My Love For School [And My Rancor For The System It's In]

February 14, 2013 Mr. Vilson

I started off the morning with a heavy dose of Stevie Wonder and Aventura, a random sampling of love songs I have on my iPod just to pass the time on the train. The building is super-silent at the time I get in there, perfect for getting my mind and papers ready for the 8am […]

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Style and Substance (or, At Least Three Things You Don’t Say To A Man of Color)

January 13, 2013 Jose
Martin Luther King Jr. by Marvin Koner

Moments like this make me want to ask, “Who ASKED you?!” Some of my frustration lately stems from the perception that making something look easy equates to the task actually being easy. Especially as it pertains to the site and everything surrounding it. The design, the content, the schedule, the photos, and the accompanying branding […]

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This Moment of Clarity [On Sandy Hook and Telling Adults To Shut Up Already]

December 16, 2012 Mr. Vilson

This post was supposed to be about me. The myriad of questions I’ve faced, the situations I’ve encountered, the tribulations of a Black-Latino NYC educator looking for reasons why our system continues to work against the interests of children, and the constant shaking of my head, not to the beat of whatever my iPod’s playing, […]

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