Who Will Lead The Edu-Revolution? (Pulling The Race Card) [Guest Post]

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We need a movement that doesn’t seek to “reform” or “refashion” an antiquated system, but desires to radically change it. We need educators who are just as familiar with Paulo Freire as they are with John Dewey, whose educational philosophy is rooted in a real and authentic sociology. Educators need to be race- and class-conscious, and view their work as a response to prevailing social problems.

Running To The Edge

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Dennis Littky, radical educator and co-founder of Big Picture Learning, wowed everyone with his TEDxNYED speech on Saturday. The man with the colorful kufi and grey beard might have struck …

Denzel Washington as Melvin Tolson, The Great Debaters

Speak Your Truth

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Today, in the middle of the labor union’s “demonstration” near City Hall, NYC, I had a thought: “Is standing here freezing my ass off looking at a big TV screen …

What Will It Take?

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In Beijing, China, the International Olympics Committee told the Chinese government to ease up on their treatment of people. The Chinese government, in turn, invites protesters to register at their …


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Outside of my reading material and a couple of Google searches done under “Jose Vilson,” it’s pretty hard to find any real inclinations of my deep political thought. But after …

The Great Dissenters

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A certain unease across the school has settled in and has taken a life of its own. It’s similar to that poltergeist we keep hearing about in scary movies: inaudible …

Toy Soldiers

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Every morning, I’m usually in the class, setting my board up for my homeroom class, who also happens to be my first period class on Thursdays and Fridays, so it’s …


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You say you want a revolution, well you know we all want to change the world. My annoyance right now stems from the idea of leadership, and how my definition …