Schools on Trial And What Does Progress Mean?

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I don’t have rules posted in my classroom. I’ve been issuing mandates asking students to respect each other, respect themselves, and respect the classroom and environment around them. As steward for the environment around me, I haven’t had many challenges to these rules from the students themselves. I don’t know …

Barack Obama with Bill Russell

Short Notes: Rustin Would Have Snickered At Clinton Onstage

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A few notes: This week, President Obama awarded Bayard Rustin with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with notables such as Arturo Sandoval, Loretta Lynn, and Bill Clinton. I’m almost certain Bayard would have rolled his eyes at Bill Clinton, especially with regards to his proliferation of imprisonment. [Huffington Post] Andy …

Bill Gates

Is Education The Same As Schooling?

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In the first piece of my two-part series on Bill Gates’ interview on teacher evaluation, I found myself perplexed by this college dropout, one of many, keeping with the same old adage that kids take tests all the time and that’s just a part of getting an education, so just …