Kanye West, Illuminated

The Illuminated Series: Why Should One Man Have All That Power?

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This past weekend, Kanye West went off on Twitter, reigniting the conversation about the events of last year’s MTV Video Music Awards and the aftermath that saw a music nation divided over whether the hip-hop superstar had merit in interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Some of the conversation was very simple: either Kanye was a “jackass” for not letting Taylor finish or he was correct in his opinion that Beyonce’s …

Malcolm X, "Our Freedom Can't Wait!"

Short Notes: Build Your Own Independence v.2010

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A suggestion on building your own independence in the new decade, but first, a few notes: If you didn’t catch my interview in American Latino TV, check it out. Discussions about Latinos and education ensue. [American Latino] Jeff Pearlman threw me this interview with Roger Ebert, who’s found new life as a voice of his generation and the ones after. [Esquire] The school that graduated future Hall of Famer Kobe …

In A Complete Act of Randomosity ...

3 Reasons Why I Won’t Join Your Organization – Movement -WhateverYouCallIt

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Let me lay it out really quickly. I get asked to join a lot of projects, organizations, and groups of people.  My former self used to join everything, and most of the experiences resulted in positive relationships and fulfilling moments. However, these days, I’m not the plucky socialite I once was. Rough lessons will do that to any man. Here’s the three reasons I probably won’t join your organization: 1. …

Ed Lover, C'Mon Son

Short Notes: Top 5 Things Irking Me Now [C’Mon Son! Edition]

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A few links: This is probably the worst story I’d ever read. It’s too real to be a movie. [The Field Negro] Here’s how one uses information design / aesthetics to tell 9/11. [Infosthetics] If you ever had the urge to speak edubabble, check this handy tool passed onto me by Chad Ratliff. You can speak edubabble for the next 50 years. [Science Geek] Funniest e-mail exchange, real or fake, …

Yoda says, "That is why you fail!"

Why I Almost Quit Twitter

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Confession: I almost quit Twitter. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things since the Internet is teeming with social media networks, including my prohibitive favorite, Facebook. I joined MySpace in 2003, Facebook in 2004, LinkedIn in 2007,  and Twitter in 2008. Needless to say, I’m an early adapter, and a big reason for me adapting early is simple: if I’m not early with a trend, I …