Short Notes: “If This Is A Problem, Get The F**k Out Of The Classroom”

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A few notes: Michael Doyle: “If you want to teach children, you have to know them. If this is a problem, get the f**k out of the classroom.” [Science teacher] Elianne Ramos (of LATISM fame) is nominated for Yahoo!’s “Women Who Shine.” Go vote. [Yahoo!] Big Daddy Kane joins Jay-Z at the Barclays Center. As I said, “Amazeballs.” [Rap Radar] Kids in a NYC public school were stuck watching Shrek …


Black History Month: Documenting Our Bones, Our Blood, Our Lives [Listen]

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Tonight, my organization, Latino Alumni Network of Syracuse University, got a chance to co-sponsor a book event featuring Craig T. Williams, the author of The Olympian, a story based on the life of Dr. John Baxter Taylor, Jr., the first African-American (and one of the first Americans period) to win an Olympic gold medal. Williams’ retelling, compiled from obituaries, Penn State Relays records, and other articles from the time period, …

Talib Kweli at Rock the Bells

Short Notes: We Facin’ The Storm, Homie, We Ridin’ It Out

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A few links: As a teacher, you always get those really pompous students who need to get chin-checked. Don’t worry: Scott Galloway has you covered. [NYMag] This GothamSchools article is pretty well written, but the comment section is a comedy on errors. Check it for yourself. [GothamSchools] It’s easier to teach compliance than initiative. [Seth Godin] A dropout can teach you about teaching better than most others can. Exhibit C. …

Look, I’m In A Nutshell

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Did you ever get someone or a group of people just stare at you for no good reason? I don’t mean kids, because that’s their natural tendency. I mean adults. I’d understand if I was breathtakingly handsome, but I consider myself cool, at most photogenic. Of course, people offer different opinions on that matter. Personally, I think their assertions are outrageous, but what can I do? For example, I’ve never …

Everything Man

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As if you didn’t know, I am fully in support of Talib’s latest effort, Eardrum. For the most part, it’s hot as hell. Don’t believe me, though; read the article I wrote for Right now, my favorite tracks are it might be much easier to list the tracks I’m not a fan of. 1. “The Nature” with Justin Timberlake (it’s not memorable and a wack ending to an awesome …

More or Less

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Many of you are familiar with Talib Kweli the artist. Since the days of Black Star, he’s blossomed into a premier face for hip-hop music. Unfortunately, because of the topics he discusses (politics, hip-hop, and urban community issues are among his favorites), he’s often type casted for a niche audience. What that usually means is that artists him, Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Common, and Pharoahe Monch get put in a …