Book Giveaway: Break The Habit by Tara Betts

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Hello and welcome to this installment of The Jose Vilson Book Giveaway, where I’ll do my best to offer the latest and greatest books I can scrounge up … and all for free. < whooping and hollering here > This week, I’m offering a very special, exclusive book for any and all contestants who wish to participate. Before I continue, though … The rules are as follows: 1. Leave a …

NY Rat by Banksy

Of Mice and Boys

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Tonight, Tara Betts had her first official Arc and Hue party at the Bowery Poetry Cafe. This free event showcased a few prominent and up-and-coming women poets, all of whom had their different styles and embraced their womanhood in their own ways. The queen of the hour also graced us with a little less than a dozen poems from her awesome book (and one I recommend every and anyone to …