Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


“That’s so gay.”“What a fuckin’ homo!” “No, no, that’s it. You’re gay and that’s it.” “Que maldito maricon del diablo (What a damn faggot from hell)!” Snapshots of the realities of working in sexually conservative neighborhoods, where the parents of these 1st generation US citizens learn their sexual intolerance from their parents and neighbors who also grew up hating gays …

Jose VilsonGoodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tan Joven


Honestly, today’s professional development didn’t do anything to make me a better teacher, and I’m pretty sure I have a ways to go before I become a good one, and I probably could have been a better teacher if they just let me do what I needed to for the children. Fuck it, I’d rather be teaching. Speaking of which, …

Jose VilsonTan Joven