On Due Process, Or What You Call Tenure

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For the purposes of this essay, I’m using the term “due process” in lieu of tenure because people like Whoopi Goldberg (and millions of others) confuse “tenure” for “job for life.” If that’s what we call “tenure,” then “due process” is more exact. More and more, what it means for K-12 educators and college professors is coming to a confluence. As far as my contract is concerned, it’s not like, …

A picture I took of the Teachers Exposed ad in Times Square, NYC

We’re All We Have

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What have I learned from being an “edublogger”: 1. Make sure you have a good schedule for everything. 2. Have a good stable of blogs to read about any and everything so you keep abreast of the latest and greatest. 3. Differentiate between the personal and the professional. As far as what I believe, we need to have a stronger union on-line as well as off-line. People might find the …