Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, Friday

Protect Your Neck [Or, Don’t Get Caught Up, Guys]

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On this sunny, brisk day, two young shapely women in well-fitting sweatpants walk past me to my left. Concentrated on getting my bookshelves together, I didn’t think to turn around and do what most men do given such a situation. The guy with his girl in front of me, however, found some longer-lasting misfortunes doing what I didn’t do. “I ain’t mad at you checking them out,” she said. I …

How To Heal A Broken Heart

My Not-So-Funny Actually Quite Tragic Valentine [The Love Below Series]

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Before my days in college (man, I loved college), I really didn’t much success with the ladies. And by not that much, I mean there was a recession of immense proportions. I looked around and watch my friends talk about female orifices and their indexes feeling on the softest, roundest female bottoms ever. Me? Not quite. I had a chance encounter in Dominican Republic back when I was 10 (I’ve …

Black Father, Son, Shaving

We Get It From Our Papa [The Love Below Series]

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This is the third post on love, commemorating that yearly event that happens on the 14th. Today, I’ll get a little into my own background without saying too much. I’ll try not to get too deep into family, but I’ll give a little context for the ideas I’m laying out. I hope to represent these ideas accurately. As a child, I often admired my father: a goateed, handsome Black man …

I Give You My Heart

Recourse To Love [The Love Below Series]

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This is my second “The Love Below” post. Ever wondered how kids are interacting romantically in public school right now? Read here. Two weeks ago (or was it last week? All of it is getting rather blurry to me), I broke up a fight between a really strong 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl who wasn’t quite as big. Being one of the only males of the school, I once …


Short Notes: It’s All Love [The Love Below Series]

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This week, I’m focusing on my posts on love, and aspects of love not often explored. For now, I’ll be focused on showing some love to posts I’m loving for the week (haters welcome, because your opinion counts). A few links: I definitely needed this for the week. GoDaddy really does suck. (Thanks GiveGoodWeb). This is probably the freakiest best man speech you may ever see. At first, it’s a …