Muhammad Ali, Convincing

Short Notes: I’m Not Burning My A-Rod Jersey

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A few notes: If every customer of McDonald’s paid 22 cents more for their Big Mac, their workers could make a much better wage overall? What are they waiting for?! [The Daily Beast] Dave Zirin writes a  great piece on why the MLBPA (the baseball players’ union) should back A-Rod, no matter what we actually think of him. [The Nation] …


Pat Buchanan, Trayvon Martin, And Why Racism Isn’t Going Away

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When Scott McLeod sent me this tweet, I said, “What?” "America has been the best country on earth for black folks" Yes, some people really think this way. cc @thejlv #ugh — Scott McLeod (@mcleod) July 24, 2013 No way. I know this was written back in 2008, but it’s worth re-reading because of the recent conversations about race, …

Scene from Lean On Me

Administrators of Color: Selling Out or Buying In? [From The Vault]

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This week, I’m releasing some of the pieces I’ve written that never saw the light of day for different reasons. Here’s the first. Date: 5/10/12 Someone told me recently, “I think these kids respond better to males than females, especially as teachers.” That hasn’t been my experience, but I let them proceed. “It’s like, some of these kids need guidance …