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The 10 Best Posts on TheJoseVilson, 2014 Edition

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What an epic year! Remember when Audrey Watters and I facilitated a one-of-a-kind conversation at EduCon with teachers, edu-techers, parents, and an assortment of individuals who wanted to know why we were mad? Remember when I finished writing a book only to find out that I may or may not be allowed to release it, prompting my publisher and my union to sift through pages of conflict of interest law, …


The Race Discourse (So Hopefully You Won’t Have To Go Through That)

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I wanted to write this piece as a bit of a year in review, but, in light of so many recent events, I prefer to let these cats out of their collective bag now. It seems, in the last few years, I’ve developed a reputation for having hard discussions with folk who have lost touch with other people’s humanity. Just last week, someone accosted Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis …

My Secret Favorites From 2013, Because You Love Long Reads

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When I posted my top ten blogs from 2013, Bill Fitzgerald wondered if these were also my favorites. Silly. Of course not. I love almost all my posts. Hopefully so do you. In case you didn’t, though, I sifted through each post and created a list of the ones that I loved that didn’t make it on the previous list. Here they are: Invisibility and People of Color in Education …

George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

I Will Be The Muhammad Ali Of Education Writing (My Top Ten Posts of 2013)

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Dear reader, The reason I haven’t spoken about Kanye West all year is because, in some ways, I’ve occupied a similar space that he does in education discussion. I don’t mean marrying Kim Kardashian, either. Here’s the list of my top ten posts according to how many views I got: Chris Christie and Why Teaching Intersects With Women’s Rights I’m Diane Ravitch and I’m Tired of Your Shit (A Review of …

Ohhh, Sometimes, I Get A Good Feeling. [Get A Feeling That I Never Ever Ever Had Before, No]

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On the first day of 2012, I waited for the birth of my son, Alejandro. We tried everything to hasten the process: long walks, hot spicy foods, and … well, I’d rather not say here. Just know that he knew his parents loved each other very much. I had already prepared my vocals for the long nights singing him to sleep, and my body for a serious lack of sleep. …


I’m Beamin’ [I Get My Energy From My Inner G]

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The past year has been amazing. I started off the year with the intention of becoming a more transparent and open person, leaving much of my youthful ways behind. I’m ending the year with the stark reality of fatherhood, and a sense of even higher purpose. In between, I started gathering the pieces for that to happen, and the inner resolve to continue solving the puzzle. A Recap of Some …

Michael Jackson, This Is It, Rehearsal

Year In Review 2010: This Is It

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In the last couple of years, these blogs have been exercises in thorough research and reflectiveness. Isn’t that what the end of the year should mark, anyways? A sense that we’re going to take a few hours and commemorate the last 365 days by remembering what the hell just happened and wash it away with a little alcohol and the energy of any group willing to share in this purging …

Young James Kirk looks at the USS Starship Enterprise

Year-In-Review 2009: Boy, You’re Gonna Carry That Weight For a Long Time!

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2009 may never leave me alone. We go through these crazy up-and-downs, hoping not to leave too much on the cutting room of this movie we call our lives. None of the lessons get left on the floor, though. They stick around, secretly making their way into our laments and celebrations. It’s with this that I reflect upon the last year. (Yes, this is a sitting affair.) By the Seasons: …

Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen

Year-In-Review 2009: Top Nine Things I Learned In 2009 [Almost Uncensored]

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2009: the year I finally got more than I asked for. Ironically, I didn’t really get the plethora of gifts, trinkets, and well-wishes I used to get during these holidays, but that may have been to offset the tidal wave of lessons and presents I received from 2009 as a whole. I promise not to get melodramatic in this write-up, but please note that I can neither look at these …

Cutting Room

The Cutting Room: 2008

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Thanks for the plentiful comments, everyone. I definitely replied to each one. After writing an admittedly great personal year-in-review last year, I actually thought I’d have a harder time writing this second one. Nonetheless, they were both fun. As usual, there are a few things I leave off the post, mostly because some of it didn’t flow with the rest, but other times, it’s because, frankly, it was inappropriate for …