George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

I Will Be The Muhammad Ali Of Education Writing (My Top Ten Posts of 2013)

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Dear reader, The reason I haven’t spoken about Kanye West all year is because, in some ways, I’ve occupied a similar space that he does in education discussion. I don’t mean marrying Kim Kardashian, either. Here’s the list of my top ten posts according to how many views I got: Chris Christie and Why Teaching Intersects With Women’s Rights I’m Diane …


I’m Beamin’ [I Get My Energy From My Inner G]

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The past year has been amazing. I started off the year with the intention of becoming a more transparent and open person, leaving much of my youthful ways behind. I’m ending the year with the stark reality of fatherhood, and a sense of even higher purpose. In between, I started gathering the pieces for that to happen, and the inner …

Michael Jackson, This Is It, Rehearsal

Year In Review 2010: This Is It

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In the last couple of years, these blogs have been exercises in thorough research and reflectiveness. Isn’t that what the end of the year should mark, anyways? A sense that we’re going to take a few hours and commemorate the last 365 days by remembering what the hell just happened and wash it away with a little alcohol and the …

Cutting Room

The Cutting Room: 2008

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Thanks for the plentiful comments, everyone. I definitely replied to each one. After writing an admittedly great personal year-in-review last year, I actually thought I’d have a harder time writing this second one. Nonetheless, they were both fun. As usual, there are a few things I leave off the post, mostly because some of it didn’t flow with the rest, …

Jose Vilson: Looking Out (c) 2008 Tafari K. Stevenson-Howard

The Life and Times of Jose Vilson, Vol. 2

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I started off this year the same way I started off last year: reflective, and humbled. My first entry for 2008 was an errors and omissions post, just to let people know that, yes, even I make mistakes (::flicks imaginary hair from his face like a pseudostar::). More importantly, though, my recap stands as a testament to my self-discovery. Enjoy …