The Vilson Double Feature (With Some Steps for You, My Readers)

Jose Vilson Jose

For you, my reader:

I have the pleasure of getting guest features in two different places.

One of them is at RaceTalk, the well respected blog coming out of the Kirwan Institute for Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University. It’s entitled, “But the borders don’t look like the ones on the map, mami“, discussing English Language Learners and the stereotypes we hold about them.

The other is at Dangerously Irrelevant, Scott McLeod’s education blog. It’s entitled “Have Some Cojones for Breakfast.” where I ask school leaders to show courage in the face of adversity.

If / when you get the time, go check them out and leave a comment.

I thank them both for letting me share my words with their audiences.

Now, I have a book to offer everyone, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, check these out, and thank you. For actually reading and sharing with your folk.