Top Posts of 2016, According To You [Year In Review]

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As the year closes, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading. You’ve made me a better writer, a better teacher, and, sometimes, a better failure.

I’m glad that I get to fail in public for an occupation and a hobby. I win often, but I fail at life too. This is good because I take those failures as lessons. Each time I fail, I’m blessed to get to try it over again. I’ve also gained a lot: perspective on fatherhood, relationships with students, community with other adults in this and over spaces. This platform transformed my life, and I’m hoping it’s had a similar effect for the education community.

At least those of you who thought colorblindness was the answer. Nah, chill.

Here are the top 10 posts of the year, according to you:

  1. Five Ways To Show Students You Care
  2. Choosing A School For My Son In A Segregated State
  3. The Trump Voters In Our Classrooms
  4. Who Are The Rest of Y’all? (On Dr. Emdin’s For White Folks …)
  5. The Kids Can’t Read, But They Can Read You
  6. What Happens When My Student Curses At Me [Teaching Tolerance]
  7. Three Ways To Reclaim Your Joy As A Teacher
  8. The Beautiful Teacher Struggle
  9. Justice Scalia, Affirmative Action, and Why Shame Is Not An Option
  10. Gritting My Teeth Over Grit

And two guests posts made it onto the top 10, so shouts to Kurt Ostrow and Kelly Wickham.

Let’s finish 2016 with love. We got this.

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