When Two Or More Of Us Are Gathered (An EduCon Reflection)

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

This is one of those times where I’m glad I invited all my friends to a party that’s not technically mine.

For those of you who’ve read my book This Is Not A Test, you know my feelings about EduCon in 2011. Back then, students snickered to themselves when they saw me in the library, and, as one of a handful of people of color at the time, I snickered at myself as well. Doing the work means consistent and critical conversations with the principal of Science Leadership Academy, not simply to forward my own agenda, but to give all attendees a sense of belonging to the larger EduCon conversation.

In 2016, EduCon felt like home.

This is a quick thank you note to all the people in the picture above, who probably occupy 80% of my direct messages, phone calls, and other forms of meetups. I’m not exactly sure what the future of EduColor looks like, but I do know this is a team worth building with. I also know that, without these folks, I couldn’t do the work I do as an educator of 145 students. These policies will drag even the most elevated educator. Yet, there we were, education’s love movement, quietly telling each other we gon’ be alright.

In 2016, we hope to spread this movement in spirit and struggle. Amen.