What’d My 5 Fingers Say To Your Blog?

Jose Vilson Education



Dave Chappelle, I miss you, man.

In any case, I was tagged by J. Dakar, so now I have to come up with 5 things I’d like to tell my kids. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, though, you can probably tell what the first three are:

1. Walk on water.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, because once you become afraid, then you’ve lost the opportunity  to know if the impossible was possible.

2. Freedom is not free.

It’s a play on this commonly known phrase, but I tell my kids that if they want freedom, they have to earn it and fight for it. Never let it go: the fight or the freedom.

3.  Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Word to Mohandas Gandhi. If they want to see something change in their communities, in their living situations, and how people approach them, they have to act like that change. Simple, but not easy.

4. Know who your friends and enemies are.

Unfortunately, kids don’t often have the ability to discern between what’s harmful and helpful to them. Often, their own friends who distract them from their work eventually hurt them while the teachers who they’re used to holding them back actually help them progress in their own lives. I understand the dynamics, but really, the truth must be told.

5. Push hard, and just when you think you’re done, push harder.

Because you never know how far you can go until you’ve pushed your hardest …

jose, who’s happy he didn’t sell his limited edition Yankee jerseys (Jeter and A-Rod plates on the left sleeve)

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