The Work Ahead [An Annenberg Institute Interview]

Jose Vilson Interviews, Politics

Here’s a little something.

“As far as the election is concerned, I’ve always felt that we were having to do the work regardless. There was always a sense of creating a path for equity, for access for true integration, for true understanding of what the work needed to be for all of us in our schools and in our democracy. What the election result highlighted for me, however, is that we definitely need to create broader senses of coalition among many different peoples, whether they be Native American people at Standing Rock, or the Black Lives Matter Movement or our Dreamers – anyone who has been disenfranchised. These are the folks who we need to start building coalitions with, because we need to create a government that suggests that everyone is included, not just for a small percentage, but for every single body in America.”

I had more to say about the future of organizing, elections, race, and inclusion. There’s even a glossy video of me wearing my EduColor shirt. Swag!

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