Five Things We Wouldn't Mind The Government Shutting Down

Short Notes: Started From The Border, Now We’re Here

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  A few notes: Please note: Because of my new book coming out in Spring of 2014, I’ve reduced my posting to three times a week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Friday, my newsletter sends you my postings, especially for those of you where my blog is banned. Please do subscribe, even if it’s not the case. Audrey Watters premiers on The Atlantic with an article about why students hacking …

Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera

Short Notes: Thank You, Mariano Rivera #ExitSandman

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A few notes: Roxana Gay argues contemplates the use of racial and gender adjectives for the term “writer.” [The Nation] This document stresses the need for our times to reflect the political and economic dynamic of the Millennials. Real talk. [Tara Conley] A book ban of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man happens in a small community. A book store gives away free copies to the community. The rest of the nation …


Short Notes: The Learning Styles Nonsense

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A few notes: Please do like my page on Facebook if you haven’t already. The conversations there are heating up. [Facebook] Dan Willingham called learning styles crap a long time ago, but this article explores the idea anyways. [Scientific American] Rania Khalek finds out that SNAP (food stamps) practically pay for themselves. Why get rid of it? [Dispatches from the Underground] Where I’m inclined to agree with hedge fund manager …


Short Notes: Nas Is Like, 40 Years Old Now

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A few notes: Check out my revamped Tumblr, where I share clips of everything I like from around the web. [MathematiquesNoir] These pretty math posters are going up in my classroom sooner than later. [Explore] Comedian Russell Brand talks about his recent scuffle with GQ over what he said about Hugo Boss. Secret activist over here. [Guardian] Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network, thinks teachers should have more …


Short Notes: Back To School 2013 OMG What Have I Done? Edition

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A few notes: Hannah Nguyen bursts onto the scene with a comment at Michelle Rhee’s Teacher Town Hall last week. Check this out! [InspirEDucation] Richard Rothstein just earned himself a new fan with his dissection of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s assertion that integration should be “voluntary.” [Economic Policy Institute] Contrary to popular belief, the general public values math the most out of the general subjects taught. More on this …

March on Washington, 1963

Short Notes: Of Dreams and Nightmares

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A few notes: The Albert Shanker Institute asked a few of us to create lesson plans around the anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. I’m proud to have contributed a math-focused one. Check them out. [ShareMyLesson] John Spencer gives us seven thoughts on whether teachers should get political. [Education Rethink] Child poverty in Los Angeles is at 33%, and other budgetary issues. [4LAKids] Kenzo Shibata says, …

Dwight Schrute on My Facebook Page

Short Notes: David Foster Wallace On Hip-Hop?

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A few notes: First, thanks to everyone who liked my Facebook page. Please do give it a “like” when you get a chance. We have awesome discussions and cool co-conspirators. [Facebook] David Foster Wallace had an opinion on hip-hop that I actually found kinda dope. I wouldn’t highlight it otherwise. [NY Daily News] Maria Popova illustrates how Albert Einstein thought about creativity. I’m a geek for brain studies. [Brain Pickings] …

Barack Obama with Bill Russell

Short Notes: Rustin Would Have Snickered At Clinton Onstage

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A few notes: This week, President Obama awarded Bayard Rustin with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with notables such as Arturo Sandoval, Loretta Lynn, and Bill Clinton. I’m almost certain Bayard would have rolled his eyes at Bill Clinton, especially with regards to his proliferation of imprisonment. [Huffington Post] Andy Borowitz reports that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos clicked on his purchase of the Washington Post by mistake. Oops. [The New …

Questlove, of the Roots

Short Notes: Intersectionality of Race and Gender via Questlove

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A few notes: This graphic is what I try to tell people about teachers. We work all summer, just not necessarily with kids. [Upworthy] I didn’t have the heart to read this before, but Questlove’s letter about “not being shit” resonated with me on a deep level. [NYMag] Jamilah Lemieux wrote a thorough critique of Kim Foster’s rejoinder of the aforementioned Questlove’s piece. [Ebony] Linda Darling-Hammond skewers the recent NCTQ …

Mona Eltahawy

Short Notes: With Tears and Cheers

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A few notes: Edutopia highlights five, count em, FIVE books I think you should read. Just go. Read em if you haven’t already. [Edutopia] When discussing the path of citizenship, this is what really matters. Five fifths human. [Los Angeles Times] The New York Times editorial board thinks there should be changes made to the way we treat schools in New York City, but don’t propose anything that takes it …