We Have A Long Way To Go With Testing, But Where To?

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I’m opting out of the latest testing results discussion. Columbia University professor Aaron Pallas astutely observed that every city and state politician came to their respective podiums with some variation of “We have a long way to go” as part of their statements about the newly released New York State …

Andrew Cuomo

Rescinding My Invite to Governor Andrew Cuomo

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First off, Governor Andrew Cuomo is never getting an invitation to my classroom nor would I want him anywhere near my students. The most likely scenario is that he stops in for 10 minutes, listens to me do some math, stares at me coldly with the kids whispering “Who is …

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Changing The Language From Anti-Testing To Pro-Whole Child

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I like getting into discussions with people who like saying “Jose, why are you against testing?” Let me lay out the argument and the reason why, instead of referring to myself as anti-testing, I’m calling myself pro-whole-child. The argument is that testing isn’t bad. We should have experts who look …

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Stop And Frisk These Test Scores

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I’d rather have a tall glass of “innocent until proven guilty,” whether it’s about my standing as a citizen in NYC or my students’ test scores. This month has been rather unsuccessful for Mayor Bloomberg and two of his political postures: his stance on stop-and-frisk and his direction in education …

Short Notes: We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

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A few notes: I’ll be writing lots on the Future of Teaching blog. Here’s my first offering of the week, a congratulatory note for Dr. John Holland. [Future of Teaching] We need you to take action. If you’re against the continuing proliferation of testing, please sign. Thank you! [AFT] What …


Doing My Part for High School Readiness

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On Sunday, during our walk for the Run for Change, one of my students asked, “What are we going to do for the rest of the year?” “You mean in terms of math?” “Yeah, like what’s going to happen?” “Well for the next month, I’ll be teaching high school math, …


The 5-Minute Break

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Last week, New York State Education Commission decided to give students a mandated 5-minute break in the first book of the English-Language Arts test. When I read about it, I laughed for reasons I rather expand on after the math test. However, I did receive a tape with some recorded …


An Ode To The Big Tests

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Here’s to you. Here’s to the students who will be pelted with Scantron sheets and test booklets emblazoned with the shape of New York State, a place they’ve explored so little. Here’s to the students who, after 140 days of mixed concentration for varied reasons, will be asked to focus …