An Informal, Vetted, Amplified Set of Issues People of Color at Your Conferences Already Know [Medium]

Recently, I wrote a blog post at Medium that probably ruffles any number of feathers, but if the feathers were better adjusted to their roots, they wouldn’t fall off. What’s more, it wasn’t about any particular conferences. In fact, the people who prompted me to curate the list weren’t even part of any official conferences I attended. Based on the responses, this seems to have resonated. For example:

#4?—?We’re trying to learn just like y’all. If we’re there to talk about race, it’s because we do it at the behest of the organization (that oft recognizes that y’all need it) or you decided to present on what you always present on instead of calling in / out your ppl.

Educators of color aren’t walking vessels of knowledge about racial issues to be sapped at will. Many of us will have a conversation about race with the right people, but it’s important to not take the kindness for obligation. We have a plethora of books, videos, and resources created and searchable on the web in case people want to find out more without putting their emotional luggage on our person.

And, if you’d like more time, find ways to repay us. We too would like to do learning at these conferences, even if it’s from folks who don’t want to have the equity conversation right then and there.

For more, please do read the rest of the article and let me know what you think. Thanks!