The Students at the Center of Your Education Movement

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I recently had the pleasure of having brunch with a set of folks whose social justice work I love and respect, one of whom was eventually fired for teaching social justice. I normally start by just listening to folks before I turn up my volume. This time, since pancakes and eggs were on the menu, I figured I’d start by talking us into a comfortable space. At some point, the …


Silence Is Violence [EduColor]

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For those of you who’ve been following, EduColor has built up quite a bit of steam in the last few months. With hundreds of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and our newsletter, we’re providing a voice that’s been so necessary out there. As founder, I’m fortunate to lead our bi-weekly newsletters with a few words. Here’s an excerpt: Latoya Peterson of Fusion recently said that the silence of our friends is …

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Despite All My Rage

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I normally talk to young adults about math and other academics, but recently, because we’re winding up the school year, subjects have expanded to Fetty Wap and flicking wrists. The currency for “young and cool” changes over time, almost as quickly as we age. Yet, on this day, the subject turned to teachers. They went on to gossip about their favorite and least favorite teachers in the building. For a …


Take Me To Church [On TFA, #BlackLivesMatter, and Education]

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Whenever conservative pundit Michelle Malkin’s name comes up, you know it’s going to be a bloodbath of lies and obfuscation. Her latest article, reposted by the diabolical folks at that news rag, poses Teach for America (TFA) as a once-well meaning do-gooder organization who’ve let the inmates run the asylum (yes, I know what I did there). She said: “Teach For America has transformed itself into a recruiting center for …

The Karen Fitzgibbons In Us [Scenarios USA]

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Rebecca Carroll invited me to speak on elementary school teacher Karen Fitzgibbons and her comments about the incidents in McKinney, TX. Here’s an excerpt: But, as a teacher who’s not only taught for 10 years, but who has done educational activism work for about seven of those years, I’ve observed the vitriolic responses of even using the word “race” except when I dissent on Race To The Top, President Obama’s educational …


Agents Of The State

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“How many of you have a child that you believe in and no one else does?” Seats shift. “How many of you can relate to the children in front of you? How many of you have students who get thrown out of everyone else’s class but yours?” Some people blink, some heads turn to the side, but the general assembly hums and huffs. This is a Bronx auditorium where a …


What Jay Z Freestyled, Applied To Education Reform

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Don’t ever follow the flow. Be the flow. All of this, applied to education reform. I woke up one morning to this Jay Z Tidal freestyle in my head, and some of the best ideas I’ve had all year came alive for me. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m almost certain it involves EduColor. I’m looking forward to the next evolution. We gonna turn style, I ain’t …


Much Ado About 20 Days Left [On Whatever Teaching We Have Left]

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Don’t hold me accountable for the next 20 days, please. Pretty please. I get it. Every day is an instructional day. Every day, I’m supposed to engage students, activate their minds, differentiate for all learners, and use multiple assessments to make sure my lesson plan got through to the students. I’ll hold myself to that until June 26th, and with luck, most of my students will too. After 10 years …

Speaking on the Criminalization of Black Youth

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A few weeks ago, The New America Foundation had me and a few other luminaries (shout out to Nikole Hannah-Jones!) speak on the criminalization of Black youth in our schools. As the only classroom teacher, I felt passionately about throwing down the hammer whenever I got the mic, as you’ll see below. It’s worth the sitting in case you weren’t there. Just as awesome was that friends Sabrina Stevens  and …